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Senior Political Issues

Senior Political Issues


Snackwells Legislation - Kraft, Pepsi, Coca Cola - ALEC Legislation exposed

Osama Bin Laden

  • Solyndra - How to make money from the Democrats: $200k for a $500 B government loan.
    Then declare bankruptcy.
  • Solyndra is the straw that broke the solar panels back.
  • Al Quaida
  • body - positive ID?, burial at sea?, no shrine, Islamic Law and tradition
  • Obama's birth certificate - both elusive
  • Ten Years, timing, royal wedding, retaliation, terror franchises

Fake Antivirus removal

Antivirus 2010 Removal - This pesky Malware looks real. It has a fake warnng you that you are in danger and MUST PAY for their software to get help. It is deceptive and troublesome. Find out how to get rid of AntiVirus 2010.
Fake Antivirus removal - Malware

Austin Trade Show - Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas

Verizon Google tablet - Google Maps - search engine

States for Seniors - a look at the United States for senior interests.

Senior Political Committee (SPC)Senior advisory body of the North Atlantic Council on political and specific politico-military questions.

Alternative Vote

Alternative to the two party system - coaltion government
Agencies Associations Assembly
David Cameron has majority with Tory Conservative party in UK Westminister Hung Parliament - Klegg gets fewest in the hung election General Assembly Aging Parents Care Companionship
Consumer Protection for Senior Citizens - Discount Education Hobbies Crime, Investment, Fraud, Injustices, Abuses Jobs / Jobs in Society Social Networks Legal Lawyer Medicare Nursing Home Weight Veterans Volunteerism Relationships Widowhood

5 of the Best iPhone Apps for Political Junkies

Asbestos Litigation - Many workers are now having health issues due to Mesothelioma. Find the right lawyer in your state for a class action suit

Preexisting Health Condition

As we age, the need for good Health Insurance becomes more apparent.

States issues

energy policy
Hotels for Seniors

How do I change the law? Find out How to get a job in politics

Republican issues on social security and retirement
Advocates for Senior Issues

senior Cruise Ship - Biggest Cruise Ship - Oasis Titanic, Belfast, UK

Obama promises federal help in BP oil spill cleanup - Houston Chronicle
Smart Grid manufacturers struggle for funding
of the 2.3 billion dollars in tax credits by President Obama, only about 35 million goes to Smart Grid research, while 200 million went to solar companies. Fishing jobs lost

Faisal Shahzad, 30, tried to fly to Dubai from JFK, NY International Airport.
Attorney General Eric Holder said: "This investigation is ongoing, as are our attempts to gather useful intelligence, and we continue to pursue a number of leads."

Social Security

  • payroll tax, retirement age, medicare, income taxes
  • obama vs mccain, solvency eliminate, privatize social security
  • identity theft - set aside, number verification, birth certificate, law enforcement, eligibility affidavit
  • health care reform and social security - how it affect your money and your medical coverage - AARP
CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal did not fight in Vietnam
Obama social security number needs his birth certificate. Born in Connecticut/Nigeria/Kenya? Missing documents. Where was President Obama's Social Security number issued?
President Barack Obama may be a pragmatist, but he's now in charge of two fundamentally neoconservative wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Barack Obama political issues: 100 year movement of Social Progressives
Social Progressivism - UCLU
Chinese pipes for US oil wells. Trade deficit.
What is religious dogma? What does it mean to be dogmatic? Orthodox dogmatic theology
Utube brandy Russia forklift
Marxism support of Mao Tsi Tung by Obama staff.
Obama Speech, Obama presidential issues, obama global warming, obama campaign issues, michelle Obama issues, hate crimes obama
Alan Grayson (D) apologize for saying Republicans' health-care plan is to die quickly.
Black Men - Black politicians in America - African American history usa power famous firsts
American Made - Bruce Weide, Emmy Winner
Secrets of Persuasion for Truth Activists - reptilian - monkey brain, Differences in the Brain
Obama To Win Nobel Peace Prize conferences, articles, textbooks slave trade
curb your enthusiasm - Robert Weide
Wellness Institutions for the baby boomer generation.
When you cannot get out of the house, how to pay online. Cheap gifts - for the family
Maria Shriver ignores cell phone safety while driving - Schwarzenegger wife, daughter
Senior payments - Obama Seeking $250 Payments for Seniors
Obama and video games - ads on Madden, Zynga Farmville
Quotes Mao Tse Tung and Mother Theresa
State Republican Information
Obama and the Credit Crunch - Trans Union credit bureau
Lawyers and Banks fleecing America
celebrities sarah palin - Barracuda - feminists mothers hate Sarah Palin
balloon boy hoax publicity stunt - moral of the story
Global Warming Hoax
Newsman Matt Drudge is being blamed for the collapse of the dollar
republican party on issues
Andrew Neather, BNP, Mass Immigration, The Troubles
Common Sense on Mass Immigration
Postal Chaos As Royal Mail Workers Walk Out
American Security Under Obama
Take a look at EU UK Laws - European Union - United Kingdom (Great Britain) Laws
Women in politics, Political Biography of
Political Parties in the US
Political Parties in the UK
Political Parties in the EU
Muslim Political Parties
European Political Parties
State Political Parties
Local Political Parties
County Political Parties
Opel GM Mercedes Chrysler Detroit, USA German jobs strike unions
Supreme Court
bbc sky brainwash News Communist Chinese TV
Fort Hood, Texas - army field major psychiatrist hospital, 12 dead, Nadal Hasan
many will never use Royal Mail again
Barney Frank intoduces a bill for online gambling.
Root cause of credit crunch - ACORN and Obama - bailout, registration voter fraud
Disadvantages of Reverse Mortgages
World politics - Singapore, Japan, Okinawa military base, China relationship, EU, UK; world issues, definition of
IG Index - Events behind Events
China Policy, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Dalai Lama, Al Qaeda, Bill Clinton
Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, Ronald Reagan, 2009, 2010
progressive democrat party scandal
travel safety on USA trans-atlantic flights
Klegg anti-American anti-Semetic
Pope name in lawsuit
Greek deficit - International Monetary Fund
Denver Conference - SCCI - States Career Clusters Initiative - a clearinghouse for Career Clusters research, products, services and technical assistance for implementation
Scott Weide - experienced intellectual property attorney - Las Vegas

Continental, United merger - American Airlines, China
What political area am I in - district
Obama needs 12 stitches from playing basketball
Credit goes to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

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