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Please note that this content is from the site's 2002 archived pages.

ABOUT electgop.net

ELECTGOP.NET is a Republican information page solely sponsored and maintained by Ken Weide.

ELECTGOP.NET is a Grassroot organization for Conservatives in the Republican party.  It depends on your activity, honesty, integrity, good will, and trust.

My goal is to provide information to Republican activists:

  • Current Republican Officeholders and candidates such as:
    • US HOUSE
    • Governors
    • State House
    • State Senate
  • Information about Republican organizations, including:
    • State Republican Executive Committees
    • County Republican Executive Committees
    • Young Republicans
    • College Republicans
    • County Clubs
    • Republican Assembly
 Cyber Volunteers


Where's the GOP on big tech? Anti-regulation is the default position, but after what happened to Saul Epstein we need to open the discussion. Saul's son Jacob died of a drug overdose last year and because of who Saul is, the story took off in the gossip media. Now, if you do a name search in Google, you'll see right on page one a reference to the drug overdose of his son, something that deeply troubles him since he'd rather that information be kept among the family. He desperately wants to remove Google results but Google does not answer his removal requests, which in the EU would have to be removed by law. Not so in the US. There are many reports of harmful search results - here's one good example advocating to regulate Google. He researched what online reputation management services were capable of and the removal of search results was something they offered, usually bundled along with other services like review management, media monitoring, periodic checks for 3rd party attacks, digital advertising, etc. Since he only wanted the search removal service, he eventually discovered a unique service that used search engine optimization to ethically and legally hide negative search results. These kinds of services are very expensive with ongoing monthly fees. Saul could afford them, but should he have to? Should big tech firms like Google be regulated to ensure our privacy is protected in some way, maybe provide a way to get private information removed from Google? Where does the GOP stand on the regulation of Google? Anybody got a convincing answer?


Elephant Knocking-Out A Jack Ass


In-depth Analysis of ElectGOP.net

ElectGOP.net: A Grassroots Hub for Republican Activism

ElectGOP.net has emerged as a significant platform for conservative activists within the Republican Party. Founded and maintained by Ken Weide, it serves as an informational and mobilization resource for individuals supporting Republican candidates and policies across various levels of government.

Website Overview
The website provides a comprehensive list of current Republican officeholders and candidates, ranging from the US House and Senate to state governors and legislative bodies. It also includes information on various Republican organizations, highlighting its role as a central hub for party activism and coordination.

Big Tech and Internet Regulation
A notable aspect of ElectGOP.net is its focus on the challenges and debates around big tech and internet regulation. This includes discussions on privacy, data protection, and the influence of companies like Google on public information and opinion.

Grassroots Mobilization and Volunteerism
The site emphasizes grassroots mobilization, offering guidance on how individuals can contribute to the Republican cause. This includes volunteering for campaigns, fundraising, and educating others about conservative principles and policies.

Political Advocacy and Stance
ElectGOP.net reflects the Republican Party's historical positions on various political issues, such as gay rights and military policies. These stances are often a subject of debate and discussion, indicating the site's role in the broader political discourse.

ElectGOP.net stands as a pivotal resource for Republican activists, providing information, facilitating discussion, and coordinating grassroots efforts. Its role in shaping political participation and discourse within the Republican Party highlights its significance in the contemporary political landscape.

Detailed Analysis and Insights
1. Historical Context and Evolution
ElectGOP.net was established as a digital platform aimed at consolidating and disseminating information relevant to Republican party activists and supporters. Over the years, it has evolved to reflect the changing political landscape, adapting to new challenges and opportunities in political campaigning and advocacy.

2. Platform's Role in Political Discourse
The website has been instrumental in shaping political discourse within the Republican Party. By providing a space for discussion and debate on various issues, ElectGOP.net contributes to the formation of party policies and positions. It has particularly focused on topics like internet regulation and privacy, reflecting the party's stance on modern technological challenges.

3. Contributions to Grassroots Mobilization
A key aspect of ElectGOP.net's function is its role in grassroots mobilization. By encouraging and guiding volunteer efforts, the platform plays a critical role in local and national election campaigns. It provides practical advice on how to support candidates, organize events, and spread the party's message effectively.

4. Influence on Policy Positions
The website serves as a reflection of the Republican Party's policy positions. From its stance on gay rights to military policies, ElectGOP.net provides insights into the party's historical and current perspectives on key issues. It often engages in detailed discussions and analyses, offering a platform for party members and supporters to understand and contribute to these positions.

5. Interaction with Big Tech and Digital Challenges
In the contemporary digital age, ElectGOP.net has addressed the challenges posed by big tech companies and the need for regulation. This includes highlighting cases like Saul Epstein's and discussing the broader implications of internet privacy and data protection.

6. Future Prospects and Challenges
Looking ahead, ElectGOP.net faces the challenge of staying relevant in a rapidly evolving political and technological landscape. It must continue to adapt its strategies and content to remain an effective tool for Republican activism and discourse.

Coordinating Republican volunteer efforts.

Please register all Republican activists in the GUESTBOOK

Let me know which state you are in, how you would like to contribute, and any new information you may have found which can contribute to the Republican State Parties network.
I would also like to know about other URL Links of interest, so that I may add them.

How to help

Determine how you would like to contribute

  • Where - locally / nationally
    Become a Point of Contact for your area.
    Money / Fundraisers - always useful
    Get out the vote - call constituents in you local area.
    Put up yard signs
    Write the Editors of your local newspaper.

Persuade influential people

  • Find energetic people who are likely to help a good cause.
  • Persuade those who are "sitting on the fence".   Don't waste your time Pig Wrestling.   You can drag a Democrat in the mud for a long time before you realize, "Hey, they like it!"
  • Explain the underlying problems with liberalism.   Get people to use their heads to accomplish the goals that satisfies their hearts.
    • "If you give a man a fish, he eats for one day.   If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime."
  • Teach others the same self responsibility that Republicans use to pull themselves out of poverty.

Computer services - Design Web Pages

  • We need a central web page for each state.   Find the contacts who will OK the URL for the Republican National Committee Home Page. Send me their names and phone numbers (and e-mail, if they have it). Use search engines to find local candidates.   Put those pages in the State Page.

Make yourself available

  • Call your local republican headquarters, and let them direct you to a particular campaign.Put your name on the headquarters list.   See where they need help.   Call in frequently to know of upcoming events where you can be of service.

Help train other volunteers

  • I receive email from thousands of volunteers with questions.   Any help screening these messages gives me more time to develop on-line database utilities for your assistance.



The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
   is for good men to do nothing."   -- Edmund Burke

I sincerely hope that your visit will encourage you to participate
in the political process.  Each one of you can make an impact.
If you want to be a Republican party leader, now is the time to start.
Please provide your information in the guestbookif you want to
run or be a leader in the future.  


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